Learn Something, Do Something – Efficiently Improve Poker Skills

“Learn something, do something” is a great life concept that we can, and should, apply to poker. However, many of us watch poker videos, subscribe to training sites, read books, listen to podcasts… but our skills are NOT improving. I think this is because we don’t purposefully practice the things we learn. Well, I’m going […]

Four Killer 4th of July Poker Tips

Happy 4th of July! These four tips are things I heard for many years… and I wish I had listened and done something about them sooner. Better late than never! So, take action this holiday weekend and put each of these to use to improve your game from moment one. Listen to this episode as […]

New Study Technique: Action First, Learn Later

Action First, Learn Later: Take action from a trusted source, then come back later to learn more about the strategies and logic behind the action. This will help refine the knowledge you gained and the lessons you learned while taking action. Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: This concept of learning […]

You Are the Master of Your Actions: Stop Knowing, Start Doing

stop knowing and start doing

Are you the master of your actions? Do you have control over what you choose to do and NOT do? In this podcast episode, I help you get beyond your inaction and to start doing the things that will move the needle in poker and in life. I really dislike the phrase “I know”. I […]