How To Win $20 To $50 Tournaments – From Alex Fitzgerald

This article from Alex Fitzgerald over at will help you profit in the lucrative world of $20 to $50 online multi-table tournaments. Listen to podcast #404 as you follow along below: Join Alex’s newsletter for daily strategy emails and videos at Get Alex’s course, How To FINAL TABLE The $50,000 Guaranteed!, for only […]

Improve Tournament Poker Results with this FREE Tracker

I’ll help you improve your poker tournament results with a free tracker to measure results, statistics and win rates to find areas of opportunity.   Listen to this podcast episode as you follow along below: Podcast coming soon! You Can Only Improve What You Measure I love playing online with PokerTracker 4 because it gives […]

How to Quickly Understand Online Tournament Players – Podcast #318

A few weeks ago, listener Sherri Cook sent me this question about understanding tournament players: I’m loving your podcast, Sky. I just subscribed and now I’m going through your back catalog and learning a ton. I love playing cash games where I can use my long history with opponents against them. I play with many […]

18 Effective Tips & Strategies for Playing Winning Poker

I put together 18 of my most effective and easy to implement poker strategies on this one page. The great thing about effective poker strategies is that they’re applicable to any form of poker, so I’ve broken these 18 tips up into 3 different formats: 5 effective multi-table tournament tips 6 for sit and go tournaments […]

4 Essential Tips to Crush Poker Tournaments

By Eelis Pärssinen of Beasts of Poker Every weekend, players from all over the world login to their favorite poker site to play tournaments. Some achieve a life-changing score by winning big, and some get excitement well worth their money spent on buy-ins. There are entertaining Twitch streamers, replays of major live events with hole […]

Loose-Aggressive Tournament Players, Data Mining, Calling with Kings | Q&A #253

I answer questions about data mining, calling preflop with the best pocket pairs and facing loose-aggressive tournament poker players. Listen to the episode as you follow along below Question 1: Fighting Loose-Aggressive Tournament Players (2:50) I do have a question about tournaments which I play, kind of a classic question probably. I’m sure you have […]