Do you know why you’re betting?

Betting for no reason is a huge leak as it leads to thoughtless, -EV decisions. If you’re just betting to bet or raising to raise, you’re spewing chips at your opponents and the smart ones will be able to capitalize on that. In this episode, I discuss the 3 real reasons to make any bet […]

Two Pot-earning Plays I Love and 1 for MAX Value

You’re about to learn 2 plays that I love making to earn pots and 1 more that gives me MAX Value when the time is right. Action is the greatest teacher! If you just read or listen below, sure, you’ll learn something. But to truly get value out of this post, and to earn more […]

Profitable Poker Questions and Answers from the Poker Forge

I answer 3 questions from Poker Forge members about playing profitable poker.  We’re talking bankroll rules, Flopzilla for skill building and value betting. Profitable Poker Questions and Answers Today’s questions came directly from my monthly LIVE Q&A for Poker Forge members.  Want to learn more or become a member so you can get the answers […]

Your Poker Leaks #6: Betting for No Reason | Podcast #49

bet for a reason

Betting for no reason is the 6th leak we’re plugging in this series.  It causes spew and leads to non-thinking play.  We’ve all done this and sometimes still do, hitting the “raise” or “bet” button just because we have the pre-flop initiative. In case you missed it, in episode 48 I answered some questions about my 3bet […]