Purposeful Practice Strategies You MUST Use Starting Today

Do you ever feel like your progress is stagnant and you’re not using new strategies? Like, you’re studying and trying to improve, your wheels are spinning, but you’re not going anywhere? I’m giving you my top strategies for purposeful practice, for playing and studying, that will grow your poker skills. Watch the video for this […]

Get Excited with this New Warm-up Idea: Watching Greatness in Action

Get excited by greatness! Here’s a new warm-up technique I learned from Patton Oswalt in a recent Carolla Classics podcast episode. The conversation begins at about the 2:01:00 mark. It’s originally from The Adam Carolla Show episode #233 in January 2011. Listen to this episode to hear Patton discuss this “excited by greatness” warm-up idea: […]

Poker Warm-up & Cool-down | Smart Poker Study Podcast #5

poker warm-ups & cool-downs

Including a poker warm-up and cool-down is integral to poker success in every session you play. In episode 4 I talked about open-limping in cash games and why you should never do this…  EVER. Poker Warm-up & Cool-down, Podcast #5 Podcast Mission At the end of this podcast you will have a simple, quick and easy way […]

Poker Game Tape with Warm-up – Training Video Included

If you suffer from tilt, have a hard time hitting hand/hours goals in your sessions or are just in the poker doldrums, then I recommend incorporating a Poker Warm-up into your sessions, along with recording Game Tape for your review. Check out this Game Tape video where I included my pre-session warm-up.  And below are […]

Poker Warm-up and Cool Down

Poker players often overlook two of the most important aspects of peak performance: The Poker Warm-up and Cool Down.  These are what pro sports players, stand-up comics, presentation speakers and actors do before and after a performance to get the best out of themselves, and we should follow suit.  This article will help to make […]