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Figuring out the #1 poker equity calculating software alone is tough.
With 3.75 hours of “do as you consume” training, you'll be guided step-by-step in using Flopzilla Pro to build your skills and earn more profits.

Poker's #1 Equity Calculator & Hand Reader

I fell in love with Flopzilla Pro the first time I used it, but it was a long time before I became efficient with poker's #1 equity calculator and hand reading software.

Range versus range equities are just where Flopzilla Pro starts. There's so much more to this program, and it took me a long time to learn it all. And not just to use the program, but to gain valuable strategic information from the many functions that Flopzilla Pro offers.

I've put my years of coaching and using Flopzilla Pro into the over 2.5 hours of instruction in this course. The videos are all “do as you consume”, so you'll get plenty of practice using Flopzilla Pro as you follow along with me in the videos.

In this course, you'll learn:

  1. How to create and save Ranges for every type of preflop action (raising, calling, 3betting, limping, etc.).
  2. How to analyze the equities of range versus hands/ranges and use this information to make great preflop decisions.
  3. How to understand range and board interaction to help improve your post-flop decision-making.
  4. How to conduct effective hand history reviews and the hand reading process which helps you play the player and exploit their tendencies.
  5. How to create two-action ranges and utilize the graphs/hotness functions to help you plan for cards on future streets.
  6. How to analyze bluffing opportunities to become a better post-flop bluffer.

And maybe the most important thing: the 19-page Workbook + Answer Key will have you purposefully working through dozens of exercises to quickly become proficient with Flopzilla Pro.

PLUS, when you purchase today, you'll get 7 bonuses (1.25 additional hours of video instruction):

  1. Bonus Video – Using The Kiss Cash Game Ranges
  2. Bonus PDF – KISS 6max and Full Ring Cash Game Ranges with directions
  3. Bonus Video – Range & Board Interaction Training
  4. Bonus Doc – Range and Board Interaction with Flopzilla Pro Worksheets
  5. Bonus Video – Creating Range Cheat Sheets With Flopzilla
  6. Bonus Video – Using Range Cheat Sheets
  7. Bonus Video – 2 Steps For Learning HUD Statistics

*IMPORTANT* You must already own Flopzilla Pro. This course does NOT come with a license.

12 video lessons (including the bonuses) that total 3.75 hours of “do as you consume” instruction.

Follow along with me as you learn how to use every aspect of Flopzilla Pro.

Time stamps allow for each video allows you to go at your own pace.

3 downloads to efficiently learn Flopzilla Pro and work with ranges:

  1. 19-page workbook with dozens of exercises and an Answer Key.
  2. KISS Cash Game Ranges for improved preflop decisions and exploit wide-ranged players.
  3. Range & Board Spreadsheets to further your studies

Get ready to take action because…

Action is the greatest teacher!

You won't get anything from just watching the videos. It's your duty to “do as you consume” to get the most from this course and improve your skills.

See What's It's Like Inside

Create & Save Ranges

Range vs Range Equities

Range on Board Analysis

“Hitting” the Flop

Cards on Future Streets

19-page Workbook + Answers


Learn every aspect of Flopzilla Pro and grow your poker skills today.

Receive all 12 videos (3.75 hours of instruction), the 19-page Workbook + Answer Key and bonuses
(a $250 value) for only…


I just finished the Flopzilla Pro Course. I absolutely loved it! I had purchased the software and didn't know where to start. Now a week later and after finishing your course, I am confident with the functionality of the software and that I am not misunderstanding any of the output that I am getting.