Learn Poker's #1 Skill


If there's just ONE thing that I can credit my poker playing and coaching success to, it's hand reading.

This is the process of putting your opponent on a preflop range of hands based on their actions, then narrowing that range as the hand progresses with the goal of exploiting your read on the strength or weakness of their hand.

Hand reading allows you to be a more effective poker learner and player. This workbook will turn you into a hand reader and will be the #1 poker skill investment you've ever made.

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The best time to learn hand reading was Day 1 of your journey…


You've been putting it off for too long! It's time for you to learn poker's #1 skill, and this workbook makes it easy.

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Get the Workbook

95 pages split into 6 parts teach you all the strategies.

28 Workbook exercises will get you taking action to build your hand reading skills.

Download the Hand Reading Synopsis to keep you on track with each exercise.

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Do the Work

9 Video Demonstrations and text strategies will guide you through 17 exercises.

80 exercises with your own hand histories will help you learn from mistakes.

6 In-game Exercises will help you play with purpose.

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Check Your Answers

The Answer Keys will help you check your work and progress.

The 6 Video Quizzes will test your knowledge (after you've done the work).

The 3-part Final Test will complete your training.

See hand reading in action:

Here's what comes in the Workbook:

A 95-page Workbook PDF with 6 lessons on how to do hand reading:

Part 1: Poker's Ultimate Question – This question will help you throughout the hand reading process. And in-game, it will help you make reads on what your opponents are up to so you can exploit 'em.

Part 2: Assigning Preflop Ranges – Hand reading begins with assigning an accurate preflop range of hands based on how they entered the pot, their tendencies and many other factors. You'll learn to use them all to assign a logical and accurate preflop range.

Part 3: Hand Reading Steps – The hand reading steps are quick to learn, but within each, there are loads of aspects you need to keep in mind to do it accurately.

Part 4: Synopsis Worksheet – This downloadable worksheet will keep you on track with the steps of hand reading and will teach you to pay attention to important details like how the range interacts with the board, changing range sizes and changing equities.

Part 5: Narrowing Ranges – I give you the 5 critical aspects you must use to help you narrow your opponent's ranges accurately as each hand progresses through the streets.

Part 6: Two-Part Ranges – Learn how to more accurately assign preflop ranges based on the actions they've taken and NOT taken.


28 Workbook Exercises

  • You've got your hand reading work cut out for you with these Study and Play with Purpose exercises that force you to take action to learn because “Action is the greatest teacher”.

15 Videos

  • 2 hand reading video demonstrations + 6 video quizzes + 7 hand reading demonstrations with YOUR hands.

17 Hand Reading Walkthroughs and Exercises

  • These are “active” walkthroughs where I take you through the hand reading process, but you're coming up with your own answers along the way before you see mine.
  • The workbook exercises will have you doing full hand reading on your own with actual hands I played, then you compare your answers to mine in the answer key.

80 hand reading exercises with your own database of hands

  • Guidance in hand reading your own hands to help you find and learn from your in-game mistakes.

6 Play with Purpose Exercises to practice hand reading skills in-game

  • Practice the hand reading skills you're learning in-game, because after all, that's the goal behind learning hand reading: becoming a better poker player!

Hand Reading Exercise Synopsis – Downloadable in Excel and PDF


Become a Hand Reader and improve your studies, skills and results!

The Online Poker Hand Reading Workbook is a small investment for a lifetime of poker value.

$27/One-time payment

*You must already own a Flopzilla Pro license. This workbook DOES NOT include a license.