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The Poker Forge membership is all about active learning and will give you the knowledge, tools and actionable guidance you need to forge yourself into the winning poker player you want to be. The 9 unique Masterclass Courses guide you in learning and using critical and profitable strategies that work in any format of No Limit Holdem.

Through hundreds of strategy videos, quizzes, demonstrations, hand history reviews, downloads and checklists, you'll learn professional strategies that will have you playing winning poker in no time.

This membership will help you cut through the “poker information overload” that all poker players suffer from. Now you have just one place to go for professional-level poker strategy with action steps that help you practice what you learn.

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Here's what's included in your Poker Forge Membership….

9 Masterclass Courses

Each course is designed to build foundational and profitable poker skills. They're delivered in a logical progression that has you strategically forging yourself into the player you want to be.

Professional Strategies

Each useful piece of poker education (video/audio/download) will teach you professional strategies while helping you avoid poker overwhelm.

Take Action

We firmly believe that “Action is the greatest teacher” so with every strategy you learn, you'll be given tasks to accomplish on- and off-the-felt to solidify the strategies within your skillset.
Learn >>> Apply >>> Win

LIVE Events

LIVE online Q&A's and workshops will give you direct feedback on the questions that arise as you learn and take action with new strategies. Plus member-only tournaments!

Updates, New Courses

The Poker Forge is dedicated to giving its members useful and relevant strategies for today's games. Feedback from members often leads to updated or new videos. Plus, new courses will periodically be released – #10 soon!

Member Community

“This is my 5th month since I became a Poker Forge member, and I wanted to share my results. But first, I wanna say thank you , cause my results are great! I've been watching the videos and doing the exercises step by step , and I fixed a lot of leaks. And I'm practicing with Flopzilla pro and the hand reading section, learning the logical process and the math behind every move.
When I started with the Poker Forge membership in January, I was playing NL10. Now I'm playing 25NL and these are my results after 70k hands.” (+12.21bb/100 hands, +$1,860.00)
-Mario Resendiz

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